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Think Circular de-labeling service gives brands a chance to discard unsold or excess production and offers a profitable way out. This service ensures authenticity, protects the retailer from return frauds, allows to safely sell unused production to resellers and helps to distinguish between original and resold products.

Environmental preservation

By de-labeling production, it allows us to keep and reuse products and garments. This ensures the goods obtain a second life, thus protecting and saving the natural resources contained in those products.

Brand protection

By either removing the labels of the items entirely or marking the hangtags, sewn-in labels, screen printed labels, and UPC codes with permanent markers, we ensure the brand will not move back into primary distribution networks. 

No packaging

All packaging (including polybags, boxes, and dust covers ) that display the Company’s Brand names are removed and all associated waste recycled following our Zero Waste Policy.

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